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The Cognitive Era

A film based on a commercial by IBM for the Internet of Things. The original advertisement promotes the idea that networked technology enhances profits for corporate enterprise. This film suggests the darker side of this equation.

Future Emoji

What might future might hold in a world where emojis, those cute little interlocutors between ourselves and global corporations have grown more and more powerful, more lifelike, more monstrous? Or perhaps it is we who have become more like them.

Ha! Ha! Ha! (archival)

Excerpt from a cartoon by Dave Fleisher 1934.When laughing gas escapes, objects start laughing hysterically. Not just any objects but technology and infrastructure. Could we imagine our own smart technologies, suddenly infused by a wild excess of affect, of emotion, of libido?

The Little Screw (archival)

A cartoon by Vadislav Tvardovskii 1927. Constructivist artists conceived of ‘socialist’ commodities that, would provide alternatives to objects of consumption as they were conceived under capitalism. The film depicts a factory where each machine has its own personality and just like people, things can learn the importance of empathy and sharing.

Marey Motion Studies (archival)

French physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey shot this series of motion studies in 1891 for the French army. It illustrates how from the very beginning moving image media was instrumentalized, designed to organize and optimize the body.